We have put procedures and protocols in place for the safety of the public, our volunteers, and our staff during the Coronavirus pandemic. We are only able to offer public hikes and activities if hikers fully comply with these protocols. Thank you for your cooperation. Please download and read before signing up for a hike.




Event Ratings are a guideline to help you to choose an outing that matches your fitness and ability.
Distance and elevation gain are dependent on the outing, the property, and the guide.

1 Boot = Easy: One to three miles and less than 300 feet elevation gain/loss.

2 Boot = Moderate: Two to five miles and generally less than 600 feet elevation gain/loss.

3 Boot = Moderately Challenging: Four to seven miles with the possibility of multiple elevation gains/losses of 600-1000 ft.

4 Boot = Difficult: Four to seven miles and/or elevation gains/losses, likely in excess of 1000 feet.

5 Boot = Strenuous: Four to eight miles with multiple and/or significant elevation gains/losses.

6 Boot = Extreme: Five to fourteen miles with multiple and significant elevation gains/losses.

Detailed “meet and greet” and payment information will be emailed upon hike reservation. Unless otherwise stated in hike description, the cost is $35 per hiker and meet time is by 8:00 a.m. Each hike is limited to 12 registered hikers. Notes: All hikers are to carry food and water and wear hiking boots or sturdy shoes. Hiking/walking sticks are quite helpful to hikers of the Sutter Buttes terrain.

Summit Ascent

Summit Ascent
Dean Place/North Butte

One of our most challenging treks, this route is a steep, 1,000-foot push straight up North Butte. It is off trail and has no easy switchbacks. Hikers must be in very good physical condition and not suffer from vertigo. Cost = $45.
Hike-difficulty Level:
Saturday, November 20; Sunday, December 19;  Saturday, January 15

Summit Ascent

In a Sacred Manner
Dean Place

A nature walk with Stan Padilla focuses on the reverence for life and Native American mythology of the Sutter Buttes with active hiking and contemplative
free time. Hike-difficulty Level :

Sunday, November 21

Summit Ascent

East Ridge at Shaeffer Ranch

Hikers will explore the beautiful Shaeffer Ranch belonging to the same family since the 1860s. This wondrous hike (on the northside of the Buttes) provides inland views of North Butte and Peace Valley, weather permitting. Amazingly, Mount Lassen and Mount Shasta are often seen in the distant horizon.

Hike-difficulty Level:

Saturday, November 27

Summit Ascent

Geology at Dean Place

Discover the violent origins of the Sutter Buttes, a small mountain range, with Volcanologist, Brian Hausback, who is prepared to reveal clues to 1.5 million years of geological history, uniquely accessible in the Buttes.

Hike-difficulty Level = Three  Four Boot.                  to

Saturday, December 4

Summit Ascent

Brockman Canyon Trek Brockman Ranch

Travel to the intriguing, fascinating center of the Sutter Buttes. Be prepared for a steady climb on uneven ground. Frequent stops will be provided for the examination of the landscape’s natural elements and excellent views.

Hike-difficulty Level:

Sunday, December 12;  Saturday, February 19

Summit Ascent

Tres Picos
Dean Place North Butte

The Tres Picos hike is for serious hikers who are able and willing to hike, climb, and summit the rugged, challenging, and daunting three peaks: North Butte, Old Man, and Pigeon Peak. Only register if in top physical condition! Cost = $45. Hike-difficulty Level:

Saturday, December 11, at 7:00 a.m.

Summit Ascent

Birding at Dean Place

Witness the multitude of birds in and around the Sutter Buttes! Hikers/birders will search for and study a myriad of habitats. Thankfully, December is “prime time” in the Pacific Flyway!

Hike-difficulty Level:

Saturday, December 18, at 7:30 a.m.

Summit Ascent

Ridge Hike at Dean Place

Hike and climb the rocky, rather steep, hilly ridges of Dean Place, a working cattle ranch, belonging to the same family since the 1890s. This invigorating hike will reward you with unforgettable views of the Sutter Buttes interior as well as providing a wondrous sense of awe upon viewing the woodland’s truly beautiful and mystical landscape.

Hike-difficulty Level:

Saturday, January 22;  Sunday, February 6

Summit Ascent

Moonlight Stroll
at Dean Place

While under the bewitching spell of the moonrise’s lunar glow, we will contemplate, observe, ponder, and reflect on the many mysteries of nature, as we stroll through the illuminated, shadowy oak groves amidst the alluring gentle hillsides of the Sutter Buttes. Hike-difficulty Level:

Saturday, December 18, at 1:00 p.m.