"This was the best day of my life. It was better than a day in Disneyland!"
3rd grader from Lincoln School Nov 2014


"This was better than our trip to 6 Flags last year."
 3rd grader from Lincoln School Nov 2014


Quotes taken directly from the 3rd grade students at Park & King last year 2013/14 season


"Thank you for letting us 'smash acorns.'"


"Thank you for your knowledge. It made us feel smarter and happy. It was the best day ever!"


"We learned that the Sutter Buttes are an extinct-TED volcano."


"We learned that “Histum Yani” means “Middle Mountain” and that is what the Maidu called our Sutter Buttes."


"Thank you for the tour. I learned many facts about lichen. There are different colors of green, light green, and yellow. Some of them are fury and soft. I enjoyed learning about lichen."


"We learned about the Maidu and how they ate acorns. We found animal skulls and bones. We learned that the Maidu ate deer, but first they had to catch it!"


"We sat down in a circle after a silent walk and quietly passed around all kinds of things. The rabbit furs were so soft. We got to touch a deer antler, cool Maidu things, a handmade Indian basket, deer toenail rattles, and lots of other cool stuff."


"It was so fun! I learned about Ringtails. They look like raccoons and only come out at night."


"My favorite part of the hike was walking up the mountain. I felt like I was going to fall."


"Thank you for showing some interesting rocks. I learned that rocks come from the volcano. The volcano exploded and all the rocks flew out. Some rocks were small, medium, and large. On the different rocks were moss and lichen."


"It was fun learning about Sapsuckers. My favorite part was when you told us that the sapsuckers long tongue wrapped around their brains to protect it."


"It was fun climbing up the mountain and looking at the mountains. The mountains are super big. They looked like the biggest mountains in the world!"


"Thank you for showing us what the Indian used. I learned that boys trapped little animals. It was fun learning that the Indian boys used a snare on the ground and then hide. When the animal got close to the rope the boy pulled the rope to catch the animal."


"My favorite part was when we sat by a tree and the guide sang a Maidu song in the Maidu language. I felt excited to hear it. While she was singing my friend was rattling the deer toenail rattle."